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Privacy policy

The following privacy policy shows you how Pineapple Developer processes your data.


Privacy policy

How does Pineapple Developer process your personal data? At first, Pineapple Developer insures, that your data are not given to third parties. Currently there are two purposes for your data:

  1. The data are used to search for stacks in the marketplace. Example: Bob, a pupil, wants to prepare for the upcoming German test. He looks for stacks, which were submitted in his city and contain the keyword "German" - and finds one! This stack was submitted by Alice, another pupil of his school. She created this stack last year, when she prepared for the same German test. Bob finds out, that the vocabulary in this stack is similar to the words he has to learn. So he saved the time for creating this stack!
  2. The data are used to improve Studycards Online based on the target audience. If the most users are between 10 and 20 years old, the website improvement would be different as if the most users were between 60 and 70 years old.

Pineapple Developer notes, that internet connections can have security gaps. A 100% protection for unauthorized access can never be guaranteed unfortunately.