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What is Studycards Online?

Studycards Online is an enhancement to the Android apps Free Studycards and Studycards. It allows you to create comfortably flashcards on your computer and synchronize them with Free Studycards or Studycards.
The unique flashcards marketplace allows you to share your flashcards with others and you can benefit from published flashcards as well.
Furthermore you have the option to create groups for capturing or changing flashcards together with your friends.
The rating system allows you to give feedback to other stacks in the marketplace. Additional motivation provides Studycards Online rank.

Which benefits provides Studycards Online?


Users: 148 - Stacks: 1753 - Cards: 28043

Impressions from the marketplace

The marketplace for flashcards gains daily more users, stacks and flashcards. The list below shows you a small selection of stack names which are already available in the marketplace:

1 Alte Menschen 1 5 2 Gesellschaftliche und politi

27 5 20 Ruf Otologika

2 Gesundheit und Krankheit 2 3 Pflegebedürftigkeit

13 Hörl Soor und Parititsprophylaxe

29 Köstler Schädigung motorische Rinde


You get for 14 days a free access to test Studycards Online, after your registration. After using the free access you must activate your account via PayPal.
The prices are dynamic because of the affiliate system. After you have payed, you can use all functions for one year. Your account expires after that year and you have the option to pay again and get access for another year. There is no function wich does automatically extend your account!
Here you can find a detailed overview to the pricing.