Studycards Online

Terms and conditions

More information about terms and conditions and the licence agreement regarding Studycards Online on this page.


§1 - Scope

(1) For the legal relationship between Pineapple Developer, owner Johannes Schuh, below named as "Pineapple Developer", and his customer, are only the terms and conditions below valid. The current version of the terms and conditions are valid from the 28th May 2016.

(2) Other terms and conditions from the customer are declined.

§2 - Conclusion of the agreement

(1) The contract is valid when the customer registers for Studycards Online and does also activate his account via PayPal.

(2) Therefore you can conclude, that Pineapple Developer does currently only accepts payments via PayPal.

(3) The price is individual for every customer. By the use of the affiliate system and the payed version of Studycards, you can reach prices between 2,25€ and 6,00€ per year. More information about pricing.

§3 - Revocation

The customer can revoke the contract within 14 days without any reasons. The time counts from that point on, when the customer performs the PayPal transaction and got an email, that this transaction has been successfully completed. The customer does not need a special form the revocation - he can simply send and email, containing his user name, with the subject "Revocation" to Pineapple Developer.

§4 - Licence agreement

(1) Once you have buyed the licence to use Studycards Online, you are only permitted for one year to use this licence. After this year, your account will not be extended automatically. The customer has the option to pay again and extend his account for one additional year.

(2) A customer can use his payed licence during the time of validity for two devices. This means, that he is authorized to use Studycards Online with his smartphone or tablet.

(3) Furthermore the licence is only valid in connection with the installed app on his smartphone and his registrated user name on Studycards Online. This means, that per app only the login with the corresponding user name from Studycards Online is granted.

(4) You are not allowed to share your user name or password with others. If the customer shares his data with a third person, he violates the licence agreement. In this case, Pineapple Developer is allowed to close the user account.

§5 - Warranty and liability

(1) For the correctness of the data, which are transferred during a synchronisation between the app and Studycards Online, does Pineapple Developer not accept any warranty claims.

(2) Pineapple Developer does not provide a warranty.

(3) Claims for damages from the customer are declined.

(4) Pineapple Developer is not responsible for the contents of the stacks. Only the author of the stack is responsible for its contents.

§6 - Severability clause

If any part of this agreement is declared unenforceable or invalid, the remainder will continue to be valid and enforceable.