Studycards Online

Affiliate System

Here you can find all information to the affiliate system and how you can reduce the annual fee permanently.


Invite more users and gain your permanent discount!

You can reduce your annual fee permantently by inviting new users to Studycards Online. On the help page for pricing you can find a detailed overview to the amount of the discount.
You can earn the discount in two ways:

  1. Ask your friends to insert your user name into the field "Canvassed by" on the registration form.
  2. Share your affiliate link which you can find in your cockpit:
    When someone clicks on this link, it redirects to the registration form. But in this case the field "Canvassed by" is invisible. This provides you a benefit because in the background is setup your user name.
    This option gives you the advantage, that the new user does not need to enter your user name and it protects you as well against forgetting to enter your user name or submitting another user's name.

As soon as your friend or classmate has registered and has payed to release his account, you get the discount for your next fee.
Besides the monetary bonus you earn also 1000 points to your Studycards Online rank.